EcoTek Pro is a Mold Remediation Company serving West Palm Beach and all of South Florida. We believe that it’s important to see where mold could be lurking and how bad it can sometimes get just days after water damage or before someone notices.  If the mold in the area has gotten so bad that you can see it in the common living areas, more than likely there is an abundance of mold in places you don’t normally see such as the baseboard, in cabinets or the vents and air handling units flooding the air you breath with mold spores that can make you sick and your family sick.

It is important to see how different the vents and walls and air conditioning units look after the sanitation process and to think of the vast difference in air quality once the area has had remediation done.  This highlights just how important it is to call a Mold Remediation Company as soon as there is water damage or evidence of mold before it becomes hazardous to your health.  If you have water damage or mold, call EcoTek Pro today and we can have you breathing easy again.

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