Moisture and oxygen are the two ingredients that aid mold to grow. As these two ingredients are available everywhere, there should be no surprise if you see mold growing anywhere because spores of mold travel with the air and wherever they find inhabitable conditions (moisture and oxygen), they start to grow. Once they start growing, they affect the surrounding environment.

Usually, the most common places are in offices and homes that have moisture or condensation, such as, kitchens, washrooms or ducts of air conditioners. Even a small leaking pipe or drip of water can attract mold to grow. Condensation from AC ducts or moisture in wall panels can easily cause mold to grow and go undetected.

Since mold spores and mildew are available in the air we are already exposed to them, but usually, these amounts are so small that they don’t make a difference to our health if received in small amounts.  However, the people whose houses are affected by it are exposed to larger doses which creates problems. Mold affects people differently like children, senior citizens and people with allergies and asthma are the ones who are affected the most.


There are three very common ways through which one can detect that mold is growing.  Observing mold is obvious, but you can also smell mold. Lastly, another identifying factor is seeing symptoms of mold across the affected area in your house or office like moisture or condensation. 

If you think you may have an issue you can consult a certified professional who is trained to identify mold and get the residence or office scanned for possible mold or mildew related issues. Usually, homeowners and residents don’t think about a mold inspection or mold testing when they are living normally. However, if you are going to buy a new house or moving to a new location, getting your residence tested by a certified professional is a useful consideration. EcoTek Pro has been doing this for years and is very experienced in mold inspections, testing, and remediation.

Mold and mildew are also found when residents renovate their houses or offices, especially if the wallpaper is being replaced as well as ceiling or wall panels being repaired. After removing these, symptoms of mold can be clearly seen behind it.


If through any of the steps mentioned above, you have identified a mold or mildew problem, no matter at what stage it is, it should be addressed immediately.

Mold remediation for mold that is identified at an early stage is usually quick and not very expensive, but if it has not been taken care of in the early stages, it will grip firmly on the structure spreading everywhere. This can eat up thousands of dollars and causes damage to the property.

Once you have identified the mold issue at any stage, the first step to mold remediation is to identify what is the moisture source which is aiding in the building up of mold. Stopping that moist source is imperative because if you eliminate the mold without eliminating the source problem, mold will grow again at the exact same spot. Once you have identified and eliminated the moisture source for mold, then the process of mold removal can begin. It is important to hire a professional mold remediation company to handle your issue to make sure the mold doesn’t spread to other places on your property. 

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