Does Home Insurance Cover Basement Leaks?

When it comes to basement leaks and flooded basements, one of the first question s that pops up in a homeowners mind is, “Does my home insurance covers basement leaks?”

Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. There are countless factors involved to find out what will be paid by the insurance company in case of basement flooding and what the homeowner has to give out of his pocket. Let us first discuss some of the common reasons for leaks before moving further as it will help to determine the amount covered by the insurance company.

Basement leaks may result from:

  • Window wells leak
  • Wall cracks
  • Roof cracks
  • Sewer pipe leakage
  • Floor cracks
  • Drain clog etc.

There can be many other causes of basement leakage other than the ones listed above. All the causes have one thing in common, the huge repair costs. Water damage to your basement can cost you hundreds of dollars. Basement mold is a very common household issue and many homeowners contact their insurance companies every day, with the end goal to claim the insurance coverage for basement mold removal and leak repairs.



Not all basement leaks and damages are covered. Depending upon the policies and the source of the leak, an insurance company decides whether to insure it or not.  Fortunately, a lot of leaks are covered by insurance. On the downside, major leaks are not covered by insurance. Let’s have a look at different sources of water damage to determine if insurance will cover them.



Usually, basement floods that occur due to an internal source are usually covered by insurance. Some common examples may be:


Busted Pipes

When your basement becomes flooded due to a pipe burst, the company takes responsibility to cover the cost. It can burst when temperature decreases, increasing the internal pressure inside the water pipes which results in bursting.


Clogged of Overflowing Sewage

The leaks that result from clogged and overflowing bathroom tubs, toilets and other sewage systems are mostly covered by the insurance company as they consider it an accident and you will get paid by the full repair expenses as long as it did not happen due to your own carelessness.


Damaged Home Appliances

Another type of basement leakage occurs due to broken home appliances, which is also covered by the insurance company with the condition that it resulted from a sudden accident and did not happen due to your not irresponsibility i.e. carelessness and poor maintenance.


Leaks Due to Water Heater

Water heaters give us our nice hot shower in the morning, but if you do not bother to keep up the maintenance on your water heater and it leaks, you will not get the insurance money as the companies will only bear the repair cost.



Unfortunately, water damage that occurs due to external sources are not covered by the insurance company and you have to bear the cost by yourself. Some common external sources of leakage are flooding, basement leakage due to an underground water reservoir and backup of a sewer system.


If you are wondering which type of basement leaks are covered by the insurance company, then you probably have had a leak or are worried about having one in the future. EcoTek Pro has the answer to all of your questions. Get in touch to get a free quote for emergency water extraction and water damage restoration. And find out which package is feasible for you.


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