If you are reading this post, chances are there that you have found traces of mold at your home and want to get rid of it.  Mold not only destroys the esthetic beauty of the house but also dangerous for the health. Before moving towards ‘getting rid’ part, let us first discuss some facts about the mold growth and why it is dangerous for the health. Getting rid of mold in your home is no easy task, but this article may give you some insight as to what steps you need to take to remove the mold. 


Mold is a type of fungus. The spores are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, when it grows in abundance, it takes a black, white or green color. Most eukaryotic microorganism feast by decomposing the dead material i.e. wood, dry leaves, and plants etc.

There are only three factors required for its growth. Moisture, a source to grow on, and moderate temperature which can be between 32-120 °F. It has the capability to destroy the drywall, wooden stairs, and other such material if left unchecked.

The mold makes the home dirty-looking and unhygienic. It also causes various disease ranging from simple to complex ones. When it grows on the stairs, it makes them slippery and dangerous. The major factor which is responsible for its growth is humidity and moisture. If someone wants to prevent the growth of mold spores, he can do this by taking control over excessive humidity in the atmosphere. 


If it starts to grow inside the house and is left unchecked for some time, the consequences can be hazardous. It can cause skin allergies, eye infections, nasal stiffness, and irritation etc. For people who have chronic lungs diseases and serious skin allergies are subject to more severe reactions when exposed to the mold-infested environment.


Once you find out that the mold has started growing inside your house, you can easily prevent its growth in the initial stage. Talking about the first section again, it only needs three things to grow (moisture, source food, moderate temperature). Take control over the single factor and you are good to go. Mold’s source food is our house’s interior and we can’t remove that. Temperature is also not a controllable factor but we can easily reduce the moisture level in the house through proper care and remedial measures.


Once it starts growing inside the home, you need to be extra careful and conscious for the complete removal. According to the recent studies, the following appliances are more exposed to it:

    HVAC unit

    Dry walls

    Wooden surfaces

    Freezers and refrigerators

    Water heaters

    And all appliances which have contact with water

The first step for the complete removal is to fix the moisture problem. Once the humidity is at an acceptable level, it would become very easy to get rid of the mold. If there are mold infested carpets and rugs in the house, try to dispose of them as the spores will come back if any traces of the mold are left in the house. Also, fix the leakages in walls and sewerage systems so that it may not be able to grow at those places.

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